Nous avions voyagé pour y être acteurs,
La joie battait son plein, la musique, les fleurs,
La lumière nous flattait en ce lieu insolite,
Les femmes étaient jolies, un essaim d’Aphrodites.

Je me laissais porter par les rires et la danse,
Nous venions d'apprécier un repas d’excellence,
Sous un ciel étoilé les cuivres et les airs,
Ont prolongé la nuit, et ont ravi nos verres.

Au constat que nos hôtes nous offraient d’être heureux,
J’ai écrit mon destin, et formulé des vœux,
Puisque de l’allégresse, je suis un partisan
De belles fêtes aussi, je serai l’artisan.

We arrived to play our part
Joy was in full swing, the music, the flowers
In flattering light, in this unlikely of places
The women were beautiful, a collection of graces.

I let myself float, carried by laughter and dancing
We enjoyed an excellent meal
Under a starry sky, brasswinds and melodies
Prolonged the night’s magic and filled our glasses.

Sensing our hosts desire to make us happy
I wrote my destiny and made my vow
Of jubilation I am a partisan
Of beautiful celebrations, I will be the artisan.

Paul-Maxime Koskas
Unique Properties and Events

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No matter the occasion, no matter the location, no matter the idea, Unique Properties and Events will cater to your dreams while never losing sight of your constraints.
With more than 15 years of experience in exclusive property rental and event planning, Paul-Maxime Koskas has access not only to the most breathtaking locations and properties but also to a unique contact book of dedicated, talented people, be they florists, musicians, caterers or chefs. It is about the ability to organise and be organised while leading a group of craftsmen with care and respect. Without a committed, coordinated and receptive orchestra, no symphony can be properly conducted.
Paul-Maxime will search high and low for the perfect dinner chair, candle, table linen and stemware. But a successful event is not just about this taste and knowledge. It is about passion, it is about the ability to listen, to translate a client’s ideas and make them real. Paul-Maxime takes each event to heart. He cannot help but treat every party as if it were his own, as if the guests were his friends and his sole goal was their happiness.
Paul-Maxime believes that sensitivity, honesty and receptivity are fundamental to a successful relationship with his client. In a world where materialism, consumerism and immediate gratification run rampant, Unique Properties and Events has chosen to celebrate elegance, craftsmanship and timelessness.